Testing 123

So, this is me taking a test run of Ecto, a desktop blogging client. I’d really like to do this blog, but I can’t get this to work the way I want it to.


Right, so that picture above is how I’ve been spending my days 🙂

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Quite accomplished day

I actually got a lot done today!

The day started at 8:30… with this…


and this….


working on my Bioethics paper until 12,

but ended with this…


and this….


and later some hot wings which I have burnt my mouth on.

A very good day.

But I would have liked to have gotten a little bit more sun. I really want to be tan at the beach!!

And I really want to get an A in Bioethics!

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Shopping and Cleaning

So it’s Saturday. And I don’t know what to do with myself, and since I was more or less out of food, I decided I might as well go shopping.

Shopping sucks. I want to buy good food, but good food is expensive! So I end up spending a little more than I want to and getting a little less than I really want. Not the best compromise. But sit seems to work? I don’t know. I wish I could shop at places like Whole Foods and Fresh Market. I make due with Kroger. I’d like to shop at Trader Joes more, but that’s not really going to work until I have more staples on hand.

Then I came back and decided I would get rid of the festid nasty smell that’s been permeating the dorm room for a couple days. I only smelled it in the fridge, and had gotten rid of everything it could possibly be… and the only thing left that it still could be was the ice built up around the freezer unit.

I couldn’t leave everything out long enough to wait for it to defrost… so I did the next best thing…


I took a hair dryer to it. It… more or less worked. I got 2/3 of the ice out?

And I started putting all of my groceries away… then I found the real source of the smell. My Mom sent me a box of home grown veggies about a week ago. I haven’t really had a chance to use them all, and I didn’t know what to do with a huge cucumber without a salad to put it in. So it was in the box… and it turned to mush. I have never seen a cucumber go THAT bad. I just can’t keep veggies fresh in this room! It sucks.

So here’s my fridge and food post organization and removal of the fetid cucumber.


Watching Friends now, I really want to finish watching this season. And I really need to start working on Bioethics stuff. I really don’t want to. But I’m a bout a week behind in reading, which is… not good. 😦

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Dinner is better with company :)

Had dinner out tonight at Red Robin with friends. I’m quite an extrovert usually, and I really need my people quota. This was perfect. The perfect amount of time with great funky people.

I had an apple harvest salad with chicken, which was really really good. I needed a good salad. What I did not need was the fries from my friend’s bottomless baskets… But steak fries are delicious.


I probably should have asked for dressing on the side though, because the bottom was entirely drenched.


Also downed a ton of water. It’s incredibly hot here. Way more than when I worked at camp last year.

Annnddd here’s a random photo of my car’s tire. I was elected to drive, which was great fun. I love my car, and wish I had more reason to go places.


I achieved my earlier goal! I called the therapeutic riding center. But all I got was the answering machine. Not so cool. Now I’ve left them an email message and a phone message. All that’s left now is to go there, but I don’t really want to do that unannounced… yeah.

Anyway. Watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets now, and contemplating starting my ridiculous oil pastel drawing.

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Project 365

I want to add a new goal for today. This is something I’ve heard about several times, and have want to do – well, it’s time to



I will take atleast one photo every day for the next year. I’ll upload them here.

So, later today, there will be a post with today’s picture(s).


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Setting Goals

I’ve never been that great at setting attainable goals. When I was growing up, I wanted to be the first female astronaut to take horses to Mars. Realistic much? Not really.

Even now, I aim for things way beyond my reach. The only goal that I feel like I’ve consistently had is getting to Medical School. And some days, even that seems impossible.

I’ve had goals that include getting in shape (but never really anything specific), drawing more, getting more involved, meeting more people.

All very vague goals.

So I want to learn how to see more realistic, day to day goals.

Today’s goal? Call the therapeutic riding center and find out if they are accepting new volunteers for the fall and if I can come visit them this weekend.

Now I just have to do it….

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July 8

Why am I blogging? I’m not 100% sure why, but I feel like I need to. I need to get a better handle on what and why I’m thinking the way I do.

I’m so anxious about the future.

I’ve been heading for medical school for so long that I don’t know if that’s what I really want to do. I don’t really know anymore. I feel like that’s the only real goal I have any more, and everything else is just arbitrary.

All I really want is my family and farm. And my animals. 6734_114405081429_516426429_2743966_7527108_n.jpg

It’s like a piece of me’s been cut off since I started college and they’ve been so far away. I want that piece back.

And I want to figure out how to get it back.

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