Dinner is better with company :)

Had dinner out tonight at Red Robin with friends. I’m quite an extrovert usually, and I really need my people quota. This was perfect. The perfect amount of time with great funky people.

I had an apple harvest salad with chicken, which was really really good. I needed a good salad. What I did not need was the fries from my friend’s bottomless baskets… But steak fries are delicious.


I probably should have asked for dressing on the side though, because the bottom was entirely drenched.


Also downed a ton of water. It’s incredibly hot here. Way more than when I worked at camp last year.

Annnddd here’s a random photo of my car’s tire. I was elected to drive, which was great fun. I love my car, and wish I had more reason to go places.


I achieved my earlier goal! I called the therapeutic riding center. But all I got was the answering machine. Not so cool. Now I’ve left them an email message and a phone message. All that’s left now is to go there, but I don’t really want to do that unannounced… yeah.

Anyway. Watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets now, and contemplating starting my ridiculous oil pastel drawing.


About Cj

College student on the east coast looking for adventure in everyday life.
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